Botanical wax amber glass soy candles

bad ass

special edition

N O N - T O X I C


E S S E N T I A L  O I L S

N O  P H Y T H A L A T E S,
L E A D S  O R  D Y E S

Our Special Edition Bad Ass Smoke Slayer & Odor Slayer candles work like magic. They quickly and easily eliminate smoke odors from tobacco & marijuana as well as strong household odors, including pets! Made with 100% premium vegan soy wax and our proprietary blend of the finest essential fragrance oils, each candle is hand poured into stylish tins of seamless aluminum with rolled edges and flat lids, making them perfect for travel. Each candle is hand poured in stunning olive green glass apothecary jars with cork tops and are available in both 8oz. and 16oz. sizes.